Britney Spears’ mother “concerned” after pop star speaks out at hearing

Lynne spears‘the lawyer responded on his behalf after his daughter Britney spearsrevealing speech in court on Wednesday, June 23.

Lynne’s lawyer, Gladstone JonesLynne, 66, said, is a “very worried mother” after hearing Britney, 39, speak in court for 30 minutes. Jones encouraged the judge to listen to Britney’s request to hire her own private attorney and change her care plan.

Lynne previously expressed doubts about the guardianship when she filed an objection to $ 890,000 in fees reported by Jamie spearsteam of lawyers. Co-author Heart to Heart, who divorced Britney’s father in 2002, claimed the company’s services were not “rendered in good faith for the benefit” of his daughter.

Jamie, 68, applauded in court records in which he claimed Lynne had “no involvement in her daughter’s guardianship until very recently” and that his accusations “threatened to tarnish [Jamie’s] reputation as a loving and caring father.

In the “Stronger” singer’s 30-minute address by phone to a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, she pleaded for an end to her guardianship and explained how her life was out of her control.

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Britney claimed that she suddenly took new medication as soon as she decided to step away from her show in Las Vegas. “Lithium is a very, very strong drug and completely different from what I was used to,” explained the former Mickey Mouse Club. “You can become mentally deficient if you take too much if you stay there for more than five months. But [my dad] put me on it and I felt drunk. I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad about anything.

The pop star said her family did not intervene when she was allegedly over-medicated. “Not only did my family do nothing, but my dad absolutely agreed,” Britney continued. “Everything that happened to me had to be approved by my father. And my dad acted like he didn’t know I was told I had to get tested over Christmas vacation before I was sent away, when my kids returned home to Louisiana. He was the one who approved everything. My whole family did nothing.

The mother of two then criticized her relatives for speaking to the press. “They are telling lies about me openly,” Britney said. “Even my family, they do interviews with whoever they want on the news stations, my own family does interviews, and talks about the situation and makes me feel so stupid. And I can’t say anything.

Britney is required to contribute financially to her guardianship. A recent New York Times report said her father is paid around $ 16,000 per month, plus $ 2,000 per month for office rent for his co-curatorial role. Jamie also receives a percentage of profits from Britney’s transactions.

The “Toxic” singer accused her family of keeping her under guardianship to earn money. “And considering that my family has been living under my guardianship for 13 years, I won’t be surprised if any of them have something to say in the future and say, ‘We don’t think this should end, we have to help him. “Especially if I have my turn to expose what they did to me,” she said.

Britney has been under guardianship since 2008. While her father resigned as co-custodian of himself, he still controls his finances with Bessemer Trust. Jodi montgomery, meanwhile, controls the person of the star.

Reporting by Marjorie Hernandez

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