Ari Fletcher shares post saying men should stop dating women out of their league

Ari Fletcher isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and on Saturday she made no exceptions.

In a replay of his story on Instagram, Ari Fletcher shared a post that men should stop dating women outside of their league. The post read, “Stop dating women outside of your league and your tax bracket, then call her materialistic,” with an “oops” emoji.

Once shared, a few commenters had things to say.

One person said: “All of his tweets are shallow AF. D ** n girl, say something else. Another person wrote: “Guys, if she didn’t help you get it, she don’t deserve to split it.” A person who agreed with her also wrote, “Well, I’m in between blessings and I totally agree with her. “

Not only did Ari apparently have something to say about tax brackets, but she also said people shouldn’t call him Ari Fletcher a few days ago.

On Thursday, the influencer had a message for those who call her by her government name. She took to Twitter and said, “All of you… stop calling me Ari Fletcher. Just Ari or Ari The Don. Stop with the Fletcher. Please.”

As you might expect, people on social media had a few things to say about his request.

Someone tweeted: “Baby walk my girl they just stopped calling you my old babymama[.]”

Ari replied, “You don’t even know, buddy, you just wanna call me someone baby mama for some salt to throw away. Let’s be clear.

Someone else said, “My daughter is not about to call you Don.”

Another person asked, “Ask Caresha how it worked. “

Do you all think people should stop using “Fletcher” when they say Ari’s name?

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