Why aren’t Eamonn and Ruth here this morning? Viewers were gutted from not hosting over the holidays

Viewers this morning are furious because Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford failed to host this bank holiday Monday.

The famous married hosts, both 61, usually host during public holidays and school vacations.

However, they were nowhere to be found, replaced by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary.

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Furious viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Is this morning the same without Ruth and Eamonn? (Credit: SplashNews)

Why are viewers of This Morning so angry?

One viewer blasted, “Alison and Dermot over ALL of the week.

“We don’t want them on our televisions. We want Eamonn and Ruth, for the sole reason that they know how to present a TV show.

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“You tried Alison and Dermot. And they failed. Bring Eamon and Ruth back. #This morning.”

Another viewer moaned, “Here we go… Bring the mate… WHERE IS EAMONN AND RUTH?” #This morning.”

And a third viewer argued, “Everyone is going to miss Eamonn and Ruth this week! #This morning.”

Eamonn and Ruth were replaced this morning this year (Credit: SplashNews)

And a confused fourth viewer asked, “Why are Alison & Dermot on? I thought Ruth and Eamonn were on vacation? #This morning.”

A fifth user wondered, “I wonder if Eamon and Ruth are in Portugal right now. #This morning.”

Eamonn and Ruth were replaced by Alison and Dermot on the Friday This Morning slot this year.

Instead, the married couple typically cover vacations and other days when permanent presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are unavailable.

But Eamonn and Ruth haven’t been seen this morning since the Easter break.

Alison and Dermot present This Morning this week. (ITV)

Where are Eamonn and Ruth?

Still, ITV says they’ll be back this summer.

A spokesperson said: “Alison and Dermot were still to be around next week. Eamonn and Ruth will be presenting over the summer.

Meanwhile, Alison and Dermot recently admitted the challenges of hosting together.

In fact, Alison even said their on-air relationship felt a bit like an “arranged marriage.”

Appearing on Lorraine, the former Big Brother star said, “We were literally thrown together, like an arranged marriage. It took about two months before we were comfortable.

Then Dermot added, “When you start a show and start with someone, he normally says, ‘Oh, you have to meet so and so. This is the person with whom we plan to match you ”.

“You go out for lunch or you have a meeting. But it was literally like, ‘You’re on the air in half an hour.’

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