Robbie Williams shows off bald head after wife Ayda Field shaves her hair

Robbie Williams showed off his bald head after being given his wife Ayda Field’s ultimate haircut.

The star’s overgrown locks were trimmed yesterday (Wednesday, June 2), with Ayda looking very proud of her work.

She shared a video of her hairdressing skills on Instagram, and followers have largely approved of the singer’s new look.

Robbie Williams had his hair cut by his wife Ayda (Credit:

How Robbie William’s bald haircut fell

The short Insta clip began with Ayda wielding a mower and Robbie, 47, giving the camera a long-suffering look.

She was seen trapped in it, shaving the back of her head, as the couple stood on a balcony.

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Robbie’s shoulders found themselves covered in hair. But he was soon sitting cross-legged so Ayda could apply the finishing touches.

The clip ended with Robbie rubbing his scalp with his hand and Ayda blowing several hairs in his face!

Ayda shaved Robbie’s hair (Credit:

What Ayda had to say about her hairstyle

Ayda joked that she might get her clippers out for other people in the future.

She also teased Robbie about his sparkling new dome, insisting he was “handsome” in a hashtag.

Robbie Williams is all or nothing when it comes to his hair.

Ayda captioned her post: “Robbie Williams is all or nothing when it comes to her hair. And apparently it’s nothing now. #Nohairdontcare #thebaldandthebeautiful # who’snext?”

How the fans reacted

The majority of fans on Instagram who commented on Ayda’s post appeared to give the new one the green light.

“Much better, that’s how I like it,” one social media user remarked.

Another Insta follower agreed, “I think it suits him.”

And a third wrote, “You look good, Robbie!”

Fans were divided over Robbie’s bald head (Credit: Defrance /

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However, not everyone was convinced that Robbie had made the right decision.

“Oh no, it’s terrible,” said one dejected fan.

This isn’t the first time Robbie has undergone an “extreme” makeover from his home since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last summer, Robbie shaved off all of his hair… even though he was using the trimmer “incorrectly”!


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