Prince William news: Duke of Cambridge “fears Harry is going too far with royal family claims”

Prince William is said to be concerned Prince Harry “may go too far” with comments on the royal family, according to press reports.

The Mail on Sunday claims Harry’s ‘bombardment of the truth’ disappointed his brother, the second to the throne.

It is also said that William believes Harry could further damage relations with the Royal Family.

A source suggested Prince William was “greatly concerned” (Credit: Splash News)

Prince William news: what are the reports saying?

Prince William’s reported reaction apparently reached the press via a friend of his.

According to the tabloid, a source revealed William was “disappointed” by Harry’s recent remarks about a perceived lack of support.

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Harry has spoken openly about his mental health issues in a series of interviews over the past few weeks.

But it is reported that William is “very concerned” about what his brother has to say about the reaction to Meghan’s own experiences.

Fears for the future?

The report also indicated that other allegations could be made by the Sussexes.

A source told the tabloid that Buckingham Palace has “concerns rather than fears ”about more explosive claims.

Very concerned.

Harry’s most recent media appearance in the follow-up to The Me You Can’t See was less mind-boggling than its previous screenings.

“We all know when people suffer” (Photo credit: YouTube)

Nonetheless, it included a clue that family members had been “ashamed” to face the problems.

Harry said: “As parents, as siblings, certainly from what I’ve learned, we feel an element of shame. Because we say to ourselves: ‘How could we not see it?’

“But we all know that when people are in pain and people are fighting, we are all incredibly good at covering it up.”

Harry’s “shadow”

It has already been reported that William does not understand why his brother is not solving his problems in private.

At the time, Harry had indicated that his problems had been “silenced”, that he had been treated with “utter neglect” and that he felt “trapped” by his royal lifestyle.

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He also criticized Prince Charles for not “breaking the cycle” of their education.

But according to an American publication, William thinks Harry should focus on himself rather than blaming his family.

Harry has been very open about his mental health issues (Credit: YouTube)

An insider said: “William thinks Harry should discuss his issues in private and cannot understand why he continues to hide his flesh and blood on television.”

The source continued, “Of course, mental health is a serious issue.

“But William doesn’t understand why Harry keeps throwing his family under the bus.”


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