Piers Morgan reveals he has ‘conversations’ about returning to TV

In the latest Piers Morgan news, the former GMB presenter teased a return to television after indicating he was having “conversations.”

The TV host, 56, previously claimed to have received “witnesses” on the resumption of his old job. He also recently suggested that he “would identify himself as a woman” to get his job back.

But now Piers has said he’s in talks with potentially interested parties about his next TV venture.

He also embarked on another attack on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their appearance on Fox News, slamming their “ridiculous” behavior.

Piers Morgan says TV bosses ‘want a share of the action’ (Credit: Fox News YouTube)

Piers Morgan News: He’s ‘In Demand’

The former editor-in-chief of the Piers newspaper has previously claimed his former employers may want him to return with Good Morning Britain.

Now he’s told Fox News host Sean Hannity that other TV bosses want him back on air.

Piers said: “Well, I certainly have some very interesting conversations, as you can probably imagine.

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“There are a lot of people who wouldn’t shy away from some of the action with someone who tripled the ratings on this morning show in five years, which we did.”

ED! has contacted a representative of GMB for comment.

Piers has also been linked to work elsewhere. But former BBC presenter Andrew Neil recently suggested Piers might not switch to his GB News project.

‘I went outdoors’

Piers also addressed his exit from GMB, suggesting to Hannity that the end of his time at GMB was “surreal”.

I certainly have some very interesting conversations.

He said: “There was a kind of weird surrealistic day on the day I left when I peaked.

“Normally you would be invited into a meeting room and presented with a car clock. But I was asked to apologize to Meghan Markle for not believing her, so I decided to leave the building.

Piers Morgan also criticized Meghan and Harry (Credit: Fox News YouTube)

“Destroy the monarchy”

Piers continued his usual approach of tearing Harry and Meghan apart.

He said he thought the Sussexes were hypocrites for calling the First Amendment “bonkers” while talking about the royal.

Piers blasted, “These two want to have their royal cake and eat it. They are very happy to trade their Royal titles The Duke and Duchess of Sussex when it comes to trading hundreds of millions of dollars with companies like Spotify and Netflix.

Piers Morgan had a lot to say about the Sussexes, unsurprisingly (Credit: Fox News YouTube)

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“But at the same time, they want the right to wreck the royal family and the monarchy. And so the Queen – who is the head of the monarchy – on world television several times now. They keep doing this.

“I think it’s sickening to people here in the UK.”

Piers also suggested that the couple had ‘hijacked’ the Queen’s nickname for their daughter Lilibet.

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