Masked Dancer UK: Viewers Divided Over ‘Ridiculous’ ITV Series ‘Not As Good’ As Masked Singer

The Masked Dancer UK kicked off last night (May 29) – but it looks like not everyone watching at home liked it as much as the judges.

The ITV spin-off of the reality show The Masked Singer contained many similar elements to the original series.

Also hosted by Joel Dommett, The Masked Dancer also starred judges Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan.

However, Strictly star Oti Mabuse has taken the seat of Masked Singer judge Rita Ora for this special series.

Davina and Oti clearly love the show – but not all viewers have (YouTube credit)

The Masked Dancer UK: “How are you supposed to guess? “

According to social media, the familiar format of the show appealed to many viewers.

But many also seemed confused by how they are supposed to determine the identities of celebrities in masks.

One person tweeted: “I loved The Masked Singer but man, The Masked Dancer is no good. ”

Responding to another Twitter user, they explained that their reasoning was that they couldn’t tell who is who – which may have something to do with being masked!

But according to several users of social networks, this is also due to the fact that they do not know the dancers.

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“It’s so unnecessary!” they exclaimed. “You might as well have a guessing game. Why make them dance? It’s so bad. “

Someone else tweeted: “I don’t know a lot of well-known dancers so I think I’m going to suck compared to The Masked Singer #MaskedDancer.

And a third person echoed them: “How are you supposed to guess who the masked dancer is? Trying to guess The Masked Singer was bad enough, but at least you had a chance to recognize the voice.

“They don’t know how to dance!

Some observers also felt that there was a real lack of “quality” when it came to the show – and the performances.

One person said: “Watch The Masked Dancer @ITV. Apart from the first Zip dancer, the others walk around and wave their arms.

“Did you think it was a dance performance?” VSone hope that it will improve.

How are you supposed to guess who the masked dancer is?

Someone else, who apparently felt left out in some aspect of the show, added: “The masked dancer … What happened to the quality weekend programs aimed at ALL viewers? “

And a third person rated the whole visual experience: “Watching The Masked Dancer is not as good as Masked Singer in my opinion.

Did you guess that Viper was Jordan Banjo? (Credit: YouTube)

Masked Dancer UK: what viewers liked

However, not everyone immediately liked the show.

And it’s also good that there are six episodes left. They are scheduled to be broadcast every evening, except Wednesday, June 2.

“Masked Dancer is brilliantly bonkers TV. Huge love [for it] in this house, ”said one fan.

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Another happy viewer tweeted: “I didn’t think Masked Dancer would work but I’m not gonna lie, love it already! #MaskedDancerUK. “

And someone else added, “The masked dancer is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. I love it.”

Jordan was eliminated first (Credit: Tube)

Who was the first to go out?

Jordan Banjo was the first famous face to be unmasked on Saturday night’s first episode.

He was disguised as a Viper – but who will be revealed under the masks of Beet, Scarecrow, Carwash and the rest?

The Masked Dancer UK continues on ITV tonight, Sunday May 30, from 7:30 p.m.


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