Martin Fowler in EastEnders: Who Did He Marry, How Many Children Did He Have, And Who Did He Kill?

Martin Fowler has been in EastEnders since the very first episode – sort of.

When EastEnders started, her mother Pauline Fowler – who was 40 and two teenagers – was expecting another baby.

Martin was born in July 1985 and made soap history as the first baby born to EastEnders.

Martin Fowler was the first baby born to EastEnders (Credit: BBC / YouTube)

He is the only remaining member of the original Fowler family, which has been at the heart of the series for many years.

Martin has seen more than his fair share of drama over the years – with numerous births, marriages and deaths.

And it looks like things won’t get any calmer anytime soon for the harassed father of four.

Who plays Martin Fowler in EastEnders?

Martin Fowler was played by three different actors during his time on the soap opera.

As a child, he was played by Jon Peyton-Price, with James Alexandrou reprising the role in 1996 when Martin started having more dramatic scripts.

James continued in the role until 2007, when Martin left the Square.

When Martin returned to Walford in 2014, the role was recast and James Bye took over the role.

James Bye plays Martin Fowler in EastEnders (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

James starred in The Bill, The Hooligan Factory, and The Great Train Robbery before taking on the role of Martin.

Proud dad James is married to his wife Victoria and the couple have three young sons, Edward, Louis and Hugo.

What happened with Martin Fowler and Sonia Jackson?

From a calm child, Martin began to derail when his father Arthur Fowler died. He started to get in trouble and was even arrested after being involved in petty crimes.

He had a romance with Nicky Di Marco but when she said she didn’t want to sleep with him he turned his attention to Sonia Jackson and the couple lost their virginity to each other.

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Sonia then reunited with her boyfriend Jamie Mitchell, but a shock was reserved for Martin a few months later when Sonia gave birth to her baby girl.

She named her baby Chloe and gave her up for adoption, although Martin’s bossy mother, Pauline, was not happy about it.

There was a custody battle, but when Martin admitted in court that he didn’t want to be a dad, the baby was adopted and renamed Rebecca.

Did Martin Fowler Commit Murder?

After the messy court case, Martin returned to his old criminal ways. He even grew cannabis in Daddy Arthur’s family shed.

Meanwhile, Sonia and Jamie were totally in love and the couple were even planning to get married. But shortly before Christmas 2002, Martin ran over Jamie and killed him.

Martin went to a young offenders institute for six months after admitting he was not careful while driving.

But even when he was released, he did not amend himself. In fact, it wasn’t until Sonia forgave him for his crime that he started to change.

Why did Martin and Sonia get together?

It was one of the Square’s most unexpected romances, but Martin and Sonia began to bond and began a relationship.

Martin and Sonia got back together (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

Faced with the disapproval of Martin’s mother (again!), They ran away and the newlyweds moved in with Pauline, which caused them a lot of stress.

When Sonia found out that Martin and Pauline had visited little Rebecca – as Chloe was now called – she was furious and the marriage became strained.

And when Sonia had an affair with another nursing student, Naomi, the couple broke up.

Martin was given custody of Rebecca after her guardian died and Sonia was sad when she was left out of her daughter’s life.

But eventually, Martin and Sonia mended their relationship.

Once again, Pauline was very annoyed, and even went so far as to fake a brain tumor to prevent them from being together. But the couple eventually reunited and left the Square with Rebecca.

Martin is dating Stacey Slater

When Martin returned to Walford in 2007, he and Sonia were done. He started a romance with Stacey Slater and moved in with her and her daughter Lily.

When Stacey found out she was pregnant, Martin wasn’t enthusiastic at first, but soon came back.

Martin and Stacey seemed made for each other (Photo credit: BBC)

And when little Arthur was born and Stacey suffered from postpartum psychosis, Martin stepped up his efforts.

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Although he was devastated when he found out his best friend Kush was the baby’s father.

Martin and Stacey ended up getting married (Photo credit: BBC)

However, Martin grew up loving little Arthur and he and Stacey had another baby, Hope, who was born prematurely.

Martin and Stacey’s relationship has survived many obstacles, including his bedtime with old flame Max Branning. And the couple left together after Stacey hit Phil Mitchell with a key and fled the Square.

Martin Fowler’s clashes with the Mitchells

Martin was blackmailed by Ben Mitchell to help him with his criminal activities.

Cruel Ben threatened Stacey and the kids if Martin didn’t work with him, and poor Mr. Fowler ended up at the heart of the Mitchells’ vendetta against Keanu Taylor.

Martin found himself at the heart of the Mitchells’ vendetta against Keanu Taylor (Photo credit: BBC)

Devastated, Martin ended his marriage to Stacey in order to protect her, and things got worse when he managed to run over someone – again – and was blackmailed by his hit-and-run victim.

He and Sonia – who was trying to help him by paying the victim – had a brief affair but it didn’t last.

So how did Martin end up with Ruby Allen?

After a one night stand, Martin and Ruby Allen went into confinement together and fell in love.

Heartbroken Stacey was devastated, and her and Ruby’s friendship – already on shaky ground – fell apart.

Martin and Ruby are now married (Photo credit: BBC)

Martin and Ruby got married and Ruby – who had previously lied that she was pregnant – found out to her relief that she was expecting. But she lost the baby and blamed Stacey.

Now Martin and Ruby take care of Arthur, Hope and Lily while Stacey is in jail. Martin is not Lily’s real father, nor Arthur’s – although his father Kush is deceased – but he is determined to get involved.

Will his commitment to Stacey’s children cause problems in his marriage, what’s next for Martin Fowler in EastEnders?

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