Love Island 2021: fitness expert warns viewers to compare themselves to villa stars

Love Island 2021 is set to welcome new singletons to the famous villa later this month.

The ITV2 reality series often features plenty of gorgeous women and muscular men – but should we really be envious of their bodies?

Here, Entertainment Daily chats with fitness and nutrition expert Penny Weston as she discusses the importance of body positivity and not comparing yourself to others.

Love Island 2021 begins later this month (Photo credit: ITV)

Love Island 2021: what did Penny Weston say?

In the past, the series has been criticized for showing only stereotypical “perfect” bodies.

And Penny agrees!

The expert told ED! : “It is safe to say that applicants generally do not give an accurate representation of the range of ages, shapes, sizes and weights that exist in our population as a whole.

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“Historically, applicants tend to be young and thin individuals.”

Additionally, Penny said, “It would be beneficial to see more diverse body shapes in order to portray a better representation.

“It would be beneficial for many reasons, especially for younger people who watch the show…

The ITV reality series features a mind-boggling selection of contestants (ITV)

“… who can put pressure on themselves to achieve unrealistic goals in terms of their bodies as a result. “

Therefore, Penny urged viewers not to compare themselves to those on the show.

She continued, “It’s important when you watch shows like Love Island, which usually involves a lot of bare flesh on display, that people don’t compare themselves to the competition.

It would be beneficial to see a more diverse body shape

“While some of the applicants may be open about the steps they have taken to get their bodies into the shape they are in, from exercise and diet to Botox and breast jobs, others will not be.

“So comparing yourself to them is likely to end up with unrealistic body goals that aren’t always healthy, both physically and mentally.

“The negative impact this can have on self-esteem should not be underestimated.”

Love Island has been criticized for showing stereotypical ‘perfect’ bodies (Credit: ITV)

Love Island 2021: “Being healthy and happy are the most important things”

So what advice would Penny give viewers?

The wellness guru continued, “I would advise people who feel depressed about the way they deal with the lockdown to try to avoid comparing themselves, their bodies and their fitness to other people, be it people on TV, online or even friends.

“The important thing is to remember that all of our bodies are different and that being healthy and happy are the most important things.”

Meanwhile, Penny also encouraged the audience to start making positive changes, including setting goals and planning workouts.

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She added: “I think it’s always reassuring to remember that no matter how bad we may think we look or how out of shape we are, we can all make positive changes to the world. our body.

“Whether it’s trying to exercise more or eat healthier. It is important to remember your general well-being.

“You might never have legs as long as one of the Love Islanders, or breasts this big, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.”

Love Island 2021: what did other experts say?

Plus, Penny isn’t the only expert who points out the importance of taking care of our bodies.

Upstream of the series, Alex parry of Strength and conditioning of character also open to ED !.

He said, “Love Island can be addictive on viewing, but as a professional trainer I worry about the standards it sets in the minds of viewers.

“It’s unrealistic to expect to be a tanned fitness model, wearing a six-pack sit-up and bikini-ready all year round …

Focus on being as healthy as possible

“… and it worries me that the show literally only selects people with these very specific body types.”

Additionally, Alex, who provides strength and conditioning support to colleges, says body positivity starts from within.

He concluded, “Remember that while good health is definitely a positive, there is a much wider range of body shapes, sizes and physique that can be healthy.

“Focus on being healthier and try not to compare yourself to others.”

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