Lorraine viewers divided over an “atrocious” interview with “troupe”

On Lorraine today, viewers criticized an “excruciating” interview with members of a same-sex relationship with a difference.

Californian “troop” Ian, Alan and Jeremy are raising two young children and recently won a landmark court case in the United States to have all three of their names on the children’s birth certificates.

However, some viewers found the interview difficult to watch.

Lorraine welcomed the three dads on the show. morning (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened to Lorraine Kelly and the flock today?

The “troops” are raising their two children, Piper and Parker, and explained to Lorraine how it was.

Ian and Alan had been together for nine years before welcoming Jeremy into their relationship.

And, deciding to have children, they donated sperm, found an egg donor, and met a surrogate mother to give birth.

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Lorraine then asked the “herd” how the relational dynamic worked.

Jeremy replied, “Imagine if you are with your only partner and you disagree.

“But in our relationship, we have a built-in therapist, so there’s someone who likes both parties and can say, ‘Hey, you’re not clearly thinking about that.’

Pay to do some research #lorraine before interviewing the three dads, 3 wrong questions. Sounds awful especially since they can’t understand your accent.

– Ms. MT (@MsMayTodde) June 18, 2021

How did viewers react to the interview with the “herd”?

However, although the guys answered questions with a smile and a good mood, some viewers criticized host Lorraine.

One of them wrote on Twitter: “Pay to do some research in #lorraine before interviewing the three dads, the questions are wrong.

Alan, Ian and Jeremy on Lorraine (Photo credit: ITV)

“Sounds awful especially since they can’t understand your accent.”

Another feared for the children themselves: “These children will grow up with a spotlight on them, constantly awkward questions. “

One of them added: “@reallorraine least cooperative interview ever with these three dads on #lorraine.

If the children are well looked after, there is no problem. People who judge are never happy no matter what you do. #lorraine

– Steven McCallum (@ SMcCallum93) June 18, 2021

However, some viewers applauded Alan, Ian and Jeremy for their arrangement and criticized those who didn’t like him.

“If we take good care of the children, there is no problem.

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“People who judge are never happy no matter what you do. #lorraine.

Another tweeted: “Well done @reallorraine for the sensitive, supportive, non-judgmental way you interviewed the three guys from the thruple this morning.

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