Lady C says Prince Harry deserves ‘no compassion for being the replacement’ for the royal family

In Prince Harry’s latest news, Lady Colin Campbell said he deserved “no compassion to be the replacement”.

In her latest YouTube video, the writer and socialite criticized the Duke of Sussex as well as his wife Meghan Markle.

Lady C, 71, was reading a comment from a viewer who called Harry a ‘spare’ within the royal family.

Lady C has said Prince Harry deserves “no compassion to be the replacement” (Credit:

What did Lady C say about Prince Harry in the breaking news?

Lady C said: “Harry has everyone bowing and scratching in front of him.

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“No one has everything they want and the few who do are usually miserable.

“I’m sorry, I don’t see for a second that Harry deserves the slightest sympathy for being his replacement.”

Lady C took aim at Harry in her latest YouTube video (Credit: Alucard /

What else did Lady C say?

She added: “Being the replacement is not worthy of sympathy. Royalty is like a dance troupe.

“Each dancer has to put their foot down at a specific time and in a specific place and line.

“Otherwise the whole thing is thrown out. Harry and Meghan didn’t want to be part of the dance troupe.

“They didn’t want to be number six and six plus one. They wanted to be number one.

“This, my dear, is called greed. “

Lady C has previously criticized Harry and Meghan (Credit:

This isn’t the first time Lady C has taken on Meghan and Harry on her YouTube channel.

Earlier this month, she said the Duchess of Sussex wanted to “save the world” but it will be done by “slapping everyone in the face”.

Lady C also called Meghan a “very disturbing person”.

In a video sharing her thoughts on the couple naming their newborn daughter Lilibet – the Queen’s family nickname – Lady C said: “[Meghan] wants to save the world. Fight the evil.

Lady C said Meghan would ‘slap everyone starting with the Queen’ (Credit: Paul Marriott /

“One act of compassion at a time. Lots of love. As long as she can slap everyone.

“Starting with the queen. I think it’s disturbing. And I think that says a lot about Meghan.

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Meghan and Harry welcomed Lilibet Diana on June 4.

They revealed that they chose to honor Her Majesty and the late Princess Diana with the choice of name.

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