Kym Marsh in tears over father’s incurable cancer diagnosis

Kym Marsh says his father was diagnosed with cancer in a new interview. She urges other men to see a doctor if they have any symptoms.

The former Coronation Street star has announced that her father was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer after delaying his visit to the GP due to the pandemic.

The 45-year-old explained how dad Dave, 76, delayed the doctor’s visit, not wanting to put pressure on an already overwhelmed NHS during the lockdown.

Kym, who hosts BBC One’s Morning Live, told The Sun that “speed is everything – it can make all the difference”.

Kym Marsh shared the heartbreaking news of his father’s cancer diagnosis (Credit: Phil Lewis / / Cover Images)

The actress added: “At this point, the doctors say it’s incurable, but it’s treatable and the hope is they can extend her life – but by how much no one really knows and it’s hurt. comfortable.”

Due to the blockages, there were 50,000 fewer referrals for suspected prostate cancer.

Kym urges other men to seek help

The actress revealed that the cancer has spread to her father’s pelvis, spine, ribs and left leg. She says other men should get checked out if they have any symptoms.

“The good news is that he responded well to some of the hormonal treatments he received, but he’s still in great pain, and it’s very hard to see,” she explained.

Kym broke down in tears over his father’s diagnosis (Photo credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, on today’s Morning Live, Kym cried as she texted her on-air dad.

After looking at pictures of her father talking about his diagnosis, she said, “I am in awe of him because he is so brave to share this.

“I’m proud of you daddy. “

Kym says her dad now uses a mobility scooter to hang out with mom Pauline, who is still very active.

Kym Marsh’s dad still hopes to walk him down the aisle

Kym’s father Dave has said he hopes he lives long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle. The former Hear’Say star announced her engagement to boyfriend Scott Ratcliff last week.

He told The Sun, “My greatest hope is that the treatment will continue to work and give me more time with my family. I want to be fit and well enough to walk Kym down the aisle after she recently got engaged. It’s something to look forward to, and making sure I’m there means the world to me.

Dave Marsh is hoping to see his daughter Kim walk down the aisle (Credit:

Kym’s father knew he had health issues, but delayed his visit to the GP.

He began to experience pain in his lower back and pelvis and began to find it difficult to drive, but did not go to a doctor due to being too “stubborn.”

Sharing what he hopes will come out of sharing his diagnosis, he explained that his greatest hope “is that other men like me will see this and not leave things for too long.”

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