Joan Collins’ volatile relationship with sister Jackie explored in new Lady Boss movie

Joan Collins returns to Piers Morgan’s Life Stories this Sunday on ITV, and her late sister Jackie is back in the limelight.

This month sees the release of the documentary Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story, which explores the life of the famous author.

While Joan has taken center stage on the big and small screen for seven decades, Jackie has enjoyed tremendous success in the career she has chosen.

Her steamy novels have sold over 500 million copies in 40 countries, and she had 31 New York Times bestsellers to her name.

Here is a reminder of the life of younger sister Collins …

Joan Collins and her sister Jackie had a complicated relationship but the love ran deep (Shutterstock)

Where was Jackie Collins born?

Jackie Collins was born in Hampstead, London, in 1937, which makes her four years younger than Joan.

The two sisters also have a younger brother, Bill. As a teenager, Jackie reportedly had an affair with Hollywood actor Marlon Brando and was kicked out of school at the age of 15.

Her parents sent her to live with Joan in Los Angeles, but two years later Jackie returned to England to focus on writing.

His first book “The World is Full of Married Men” came out in 1968 and was an overnight success.

In 2013, Jackie received an OBE from Her Majesty for service to literature and charity. She would have joked to the Queen: “Not bad for dropping out of school.”

Were Joan and Jackie Collins close?

The glamorous couple often appeared together at parties and red carpet events – and Joan even starred in two film adaptations of Jackie’s novels.

But the relationship was not without complications.

Joan has previously revealed that Jackie doesn’t love her fourth husband Peter Holm, and as a result the sisters didn’t see each other much during their marriage in the late ’80s.

And Jackie would have felt ‘inferior’ to Joan – in her diary, at the age of 15, she wrote: “I went to a party with Joan. It was fun. I have a terrible inferiority complex when I’m with Joan. I feel all tall and awkward and dull.

Speaking on Loose Women in 2020, however, Joan described Jackie as “the perfect sister.”

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How did Jackie Collins die?

Jackie Collins died on September 19, 2015, after battling stage 4 breast cancer.

In a letter to her fans written before her death, she wrote: “Embrace what you love and LIVE life to the fullest, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. “

Jackie spoke to very few people about her diagnosis and only confided in her sister Joan a few weeks before her death.

About nine days before her death, Jackie made her last appearance on Loose Women, sporting her iconic shoulder pads and bouffant hairstyle.

How to Watch Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

The film features contributions from those close to Jackie, including Joan Collins and their children.

Shortly after it aired in the United States on CNN, it was theatrically released in limited theaters in the United Kingdom.

Later this year, the documentary will air on BBC2 – a date has yet to be confirmed.

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