Emmerdale spoilers: next week revealed in brand new footage

Emmerdale’s spoilers for next week reveal Jamie is shocked when Kim’s lifeless body is found.

Meanwhile, Tracy worries about leaving Frankie as she returns to work, and Meena sees Jacob as an obstacle to her and David’s happiness.

All of this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

1. Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie makes a discovery

Noah tells Jamie he found Diazepam in Will’s toolbox. Jamie thinks Will is the obvious suspect in Kim’s poisoning.

Later, with Dawn upstairs, Jamie snoops around Woodbine and ends up finding the Toolbox with Diazepam.

Jamie takes pictures but is caught red-handed when Will returns home.

Will is furious but Jamie claims he was just looking for a screwdriver.

Jamie shows Kim the photographic evidence and she is heartbroken to think he poisoned her.

Kim later asks Will why he has diazepam and he becomes suspicious and refuses to answer the question.

Kim insists and he tells her it’s on her nerves, but Kim doesn’t believe it.

The next day, Kim tells Jamie her intention to catch Will on camera.

2. Will kill Kim?

Will is called to Home Farm on his day off and it looks like he’s fallen for it.

Later, Jamie receives a call from Home Farm and rushes in, worried.

As he arrives at Home Farm, he is horrified to find Will arrested and Kim’s lifeless body on the ground.

A body bag is soon unzipped ready for his body …

3. Tracy worries about leaving Frankie as she returns to work

Tracy tries to stay calm when Nate realizes the farm may need to be shut down if an infection has spread.

Worried about the money, he asks Tracy to return to work and she accepts, but hides her panic at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving Frankie.

Nate asks Lydia to have Frankie the next day when Tracy returns to work.

However, the next day, Tracy’s anxiety intensifies when Nate announces that Lydia is ill and that Faith will take care of Frankie.

Emotional, Tracy confides in Pollard about her feelings about leaving Frankie.

Pollard is sympathetic and lets her finish early.

Tracy rushes home, but in Tug Ghyll Faith feels severe pain and drops Frankie’s dummy.

Tracy arrives just in time to witness it and struggles to contain her anger when she realizes that Faith is going to make Frankie dirty with the model.

Faith leaves soon and Nate returns home to find Tracy upset.

Nate is worried when she decides not to return to work, telling her that Frankie is only safe with her.

Later, Wendy walks up to remind Tracy of Frankie’s beating.

However, Tracy is uncomfortable when Wendy touches her baby with unwashed hands.

She is running away. Back home, Tracy tries to remove germs from Frankie’s face.

She is hit when she accidentally scratches her daughter. Later, a helpless Tracy breaks down.

4. Meena is not happy with Jacob’s return

Diane confides in Gabby about Liam and the voicemail messages, leaving Gabby concerned about Bernice.

Later, Gabby is drawn into Jacob and Leanna’s argument and she can’t help but embellish the facts about Liam and Bernice to attack Leanna.

David is shaken by Meena’s sense of urgency after she suggests moving in.

He tells her that she will have to wait a few weeks because he is worried about Jacob and wants to spend some time alone with him.

5. Jacob accuses Billy of being a pedophile

Meena grits her teeth and tries to hide her annoyance.

Billy is angry when Jacob confronts him about Leanna. Leanna told Jacob about her crush on Billy.

Jacob makes Billy a pedophile.

Soon Leanna enters the confrontation and is horrified.

She asks Jacob to give their relationship another chance, but he shoots her down hard.

She leaves upset, but as Jacob drops his facade, it’s clear that he still loves her too.

Meanwhile, Meena begins to see Jacob as an obstacle to her and David’s happiness.

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