Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim murdered and Will caught red-handed?

WARNING: Major Emmerdale spoilers ahead! Kim Tate about to be killed in Emmerdale?

The infamous soap villain returned to the Yorkshire Dales in 2018 and has since wreaked havoc on the village.

But it could all be over for Kim now, as these Emmerdale spoilers suggest below …

Kim confronts Will about why he’s on diazepam (ITV)

Who poisoned Kim Tate in Emmerdale?

Noah finds Diazepam in Will’s toolbox at Home Farm and tells Jamie.

Jamie thinks Will is the obvious suspect in Kim’s poisoning.

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Later, with Dawn upstairs, Jamie noses around Woodbine, smiling when he eventually finds the toolbox with Will’s diazepam inside. Jamie takes pictures of the diazepam in Will’s toolbox, but is caught red-handed when Will returns home.

Will is furious when Jamie plays the innocent, claiming he was only looking for a screwdriver.

Jamie returns to show Kim the photographic evidence of Will’s diazepam, she is shaken and heartbroken to think he was the one who poisoned her.

Jamie is horrified to find the police at Home Farm and Kim’s lifeless body on the ground (ITV)

Kim later asks Will why he’s on diazepam, and he becomes suspicious, refusing to answer the question.

Kim insists on the point, and he tells her that the diazepam is on her nerves but she doesn’t buy his explanation.

The next day, Kim informs Jamie of her plan for Will to be filmed sprinkling his drink.

Will is called to Home Farm on his day off and it looks like he’s stepping right into Kim’s trap. Later, Jamie receives a call from Home Farm, he is alarmed and rushes forward, frantic with worry.

Is this for Kim Tate ?! (Credit: ITV)

Rushing into Home Farm, Jamie is utterly horrified to find Will arrested and Kim lifeless on the ground and an unzipped body bag ready for his body …

When is this Emmerdale episode?

These episodes will air next week from Sunday June 20 to Friday June 25 on ITV.

In the meantime, these episodes are also available to watch on ITV Hub.

Due to Euro 2020, ITV has already uploaded the next episodes of the week.

They are labeled as “Premiere Hub” on the app and can be streamed now.

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