Emmerdale SPOILERS: Billy in danger as accused of being a pedophile?

Emmerdale’s spoilers for next week reveal Jacob accusing Billy of being a pedophile.

Over the past few weeks, Leanna has been doing personal workouts with Billy Fletcher.

Despite being in a relationship with Jacob, who has spent the past six months in Portugal, it has become clear that the teenager has a crush on Billy.

Leanna went through personal training sessions with Billy (Photo credit: ITV)

In scenes next week, Diane confides in Gabby about Liam and the voicemail messages Bernice left, leaving Gabby worried about her mother.

Later, Gabby is drawn into Jacob and Leanna’s argument and she can’t help but embellish the facts about Liam and Bernice to attack Leanna.

Meanwhile, David is reeling from Meena’s sense of urgency after she suggests moving in.

Meena wants to move in with David (ITV)

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Later, he tells her that she will have to wait a few weeks because he is worried about Jacob and wants to spend some time alone with him.

Meena grits her teeth and tries to hide her annoyance.

Emmerdale spoilers: Billy accused of being a pedophile

Later, Billy is angry when Jacob confronts him about Leanna. Leanna told Jacob about her crush on Billy, leaving him furious.

Jacob makes Billy a pedophile, leaving him horrified.

Soon Leanna enters the confrontation and is also horrified by the accusation Jacob made.

Jacob accuses Billy of being a pedophile (ITV)

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Leanna later asks Jacob to give their relationship another chance, but he shoots her down hard.

She leaves upset, but as soon as she leaves, Jacob drops his facade and it’s clear that he still loves her too.

Meanwhile, a jealous Meena begins to see Jacob as an obstacle to her and David’s happiness.

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