Emmerdale: Is Kim Tate Really Dying? Fans refuse to believe the soap would kill her

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed Kim Tate ends up on the Home Farm floor next week, but is this the end of Kim?

Over the past few weeks, someone has upped Kim’s drinks with diazepam.

In scenes due to air next week, Noah finds Diazepam in Will’s toolbox and tells Jamie about it.

Jamie later finds Will’s toolbox in Woodbine and sees the Diazepam inside and takes a picture of it.

When Will returns home, he catches Jamie in the act, but he lies and says he was looking for a screwdriver.

Jamie learns that Will keeps Diazepam in his toolbox (ITV)

Later, Jamie shows Kim the photographic evidence of Will’s Diazepam. She is shaken and sorry to think that it was he who poisoned her.

She later asks Will why he has diazepam in his toolbox. Although he doesn’t want to tell her at first, he tells her that the diazepam is on her nerves.

However, Kim does not buy his explanation.

Kim asks Will about diazepam (ITV)

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Soon Kim sets up a plan to catch Will poisoning him on camera and it looks like Will falls into his trap when he heads to Home Farm.

Later, Jamie gets a call from Home Farm and rushes off.

Emmerdale: is Kim Tate really going to die?

When he arrives at Home Farm, Jamie is completely horrified to find Will arrested and Kim’s lifeless body on the ground.

Kim is dead? (Credit: ITV)

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Soon a body bag came out and was unzipped ready for his body.

While it looks like this could be the end of Kim Tate, fans are unconvinced and believe she might be faking his death.

It’s Kim Tate.

She faked her death once before using a lookalike. Unless she paid someone to pretend to be her or she killed another lookalike and placed her on the scene, putting Will in place? #Emmerdale @emmerdale

– Westie (@ wee_westie27) June 17, 2021

I’m sure I know if Kim really dies or not #Emmerdale

– Charlotte K13 (@ Charlotte_K13) June 17, 2021

Kim Tate getting killed in Emmerdale Oh yeah like. Something else is going to happen, I can feel it #Emmerdale. #This morning

– Ryan Glendenning (@RyanGTweetsTV) June 15, 2021

I think Kim Will will fake her death so she can finally catch the person who poisoned her #emmerdale

– Rosie Bentham Fans (@BenthamFans) June 15, 2021

No, they won’t kill a legendary character like Kim Tate just like that 🤣 it will be a fake cop and staged to catch the culprit! #Emmerdale

– Luke (@lukehboy) June 15, 2021

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Emmerdale continues tonight at 8 p.m. on ITV. This week’s episodes are all available to watch on ITV Hub.

Emmerdale typically weeknights at 7 p.m. on ITV, with an additional episode at 8 p.m. on Thursdays.

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