Anne Boleyn: Where was the Channel 5 drama filmed?

Channel 5 series Anne Boleyn is set to take the country by storm when it finally hits TV screens. But where did the drama take place?

The highly anticipated drama is set to debut next week on Channel 5 after months of teasing.

The series examines the life and legacy of Queen Tudor through a feminist lens.

He reimagines his struggle to conceive an heir to the throne, as well as his eventual execution.

As expected, there will be some incredible backdrops thanks to the period setting of the show.

Anne Boleyn debuts next week (Credit: Channel 5)

Where has Anne Boleyn been filmed?

Filming took place in the winter of last year.

Due to the time, much of this happened in Yorkshire and its many stately homes that date back to the Tudor era.

Many interior scenes were filmed at Bolton Castle.

The 14th century house is nestled in the countryside in the small town of Wensleydale.

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What made the place even more special was that this is where the real Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the 1560s.

For most of the outdoor scenes, Castle Howard was used.

It is a beautiful stately home located near York in North Yorkshire.

Interestingly, the location was also recently used by the Netflix series Bridgerton.

The drama was filmed in Yorkshire (Credit: Channel 5)

When is Anne Boleyn on Channel 5?

Anne Boleyn will air on Channel 5 from Tuesday June 1 at 9 p.m. ET.

Fans finally got to see a trailer for the show in May.

The three-part series took six weeks to shoot.

Queen & Slim actress Jodie Turner-Smith plays Queen Anne Boleyn, wife of Tudor King Henry VIII (played by Mark Stanley).

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After landing the coveted role, Jodie said, “I am so excited to join these exciting filmmakers in bringing to the screen the story of one of history’s most controversial queens. Digging deeper into Anne Boleyn’s immense strengths while examining her fatal weaknesses and vulnerabilities, Eve’s scripts immediately captured my imagination.

“In the hands of Lynsey Miller, the legend of this formidable fierce queen and mother will be seen as a deeply human story and still as relevant today. “

“I look forward to bringing my heart and my mind to this bold tale of the fall of this iconic woman,” she added.

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