Anne Boleyn on Channel 5: Beheading scene leaves viewers traumatized

Anne Boleyn on ended last night on Channel 5 with her finale (June 4).

The critically acclaimed show was a huge hit with viewers across the country.

Much praise has been specifically directed at Jodie Turner-Smith’s portrayal of the misunderstood Queen Anne Boleyn.

However, last night some viewers were shocked by the graphic design of the narrative of his infamous execution scene.

Fans have taken to social media to share their disgust, while others are devastated to see Anne’s story end so tragically.

Anne Boleyn aired her final episode last night (Credit: Channel 5)

What did fans of the Anne Boleyn stage say on Channel 5?

“#AnneBoleyn, it makes me sick,” tweeted one viewer as she lost her mind.

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Another tweeted: “It was so barbaric. Poor Anne … Also the poor guys who were accused of being her lovers. The lute boy… Beheaded. Crazy crazy crazy #AnneBoleyn.

#AnneBoleyn makes me sick. They were so barbaric. Poor Anne. 😥

– victoria newberry (@ victorialn75) June 3, 2021

However, others criticized the producers for not including Anne’s iconic speech before she was killed.

Anne gave a famous speech moments before being beheaded, insisting that she would not criticize her death sentence.

“How could they have jumped his scaffolding word?! #AnneBoleyn, ”said one angry fan.

They missed an important part of Anne’s performance which was her speech to the people before, why miss that #AnneBoleyn # channel5

– Eilish Gleeson (@ eilishgleeson2) June 3, 2021

Superb final episode of #AnneBoleyn. Jodie Turner-Smith was excellent in the role of Anne. However, it was a little strange that they omitted the scaffolding / execution speech… I would love to see how Jodie would have interpreted and delivered it.

– (@AJMJones) June 3, 2021

A second tweeted: “When people talk about Anne Boleyn’s execution, they’re always talking about her word on the scaffolding why was it not shown in the series #Anne Boleyn “.

While a third fulminated: “They cut the speech They did not include Anne’s speech on the scaffolding Absolutely pissed off about it! ”

“I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t include Anne’s speech!” said a fourth viewer.

Anne had to face Jane Seymour (Credit: Channel 5)

The series told the story of Anne, who was at the center of the intrigue of the 16th century royal court.

Viewers saw the iconic Queen fall pregnant with her second child with Henry, and the court hope for a son to take over her reign.

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However, following a serious injury in a jousting accident, Henry and Anne go their separate ways.

He started flirting with his bridesmaid, Jane Seymour, and Anne’s life would eventually turn sour until she was sentenced to death.

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