Amanda Holden delights Instagram fans as she writhes naked on a bed of £ 50 bills

Amanda Holden delighted Instagram fans this morning (May 27) as they awoke to find her writing naked on a bed of £ 50 bills.

The Heart FM breakfast DJ took off his clothes to promote a contest on the radio station.

Tomorrow (May 28), Heart will turn a listener into a millionaire.

And Amanda’s striptease definitely caught the attention of the competition!

Amanda Holden delighted Instagram followers as she undressed (Credit: Splash News)

What Amanda Holden posted on Instagram?

Amanda was seen lying on a bed of huge pink £ 50 bills.

She is naked in the photo, with real £ 50 bills covering her modesty.

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Amanda captioned the photo, “I’ve verified the ratings are true and I’m ready to make someone a millionaire.

“Please join us for the @thisisheart Make Me A Millionaire Million Pound Final Friday starting at 6:30 am.

“Has anyone seen my dress?” »She concludes.

On Twitter, Amanda posted a video of the photoshoot.

She looked positively cheerful as the banknotes and rose petals fell on her from above.

What did Amanda’s followers say about the posts?

This Morning’s Alison Hammond was one of the first to comment, calling Amanda “cheeky.”

Her Heart co-star Ashley Roberts also responded.

She said, “She’s expensive.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star Caroline Quentin also joked, “Cover your tuppence, well done! (and your three-cent coins! “

I have verified that the ratings are real 😉 and I am ready to make someone a millionaire 🎉 Please join us for the @thisisheart Make Me A Millionaire Million Pound Final Friday starting at 6:30 am ❤️ Someone has anyone seen my dress?

– Amanda Holden (@AmandaHolden) May 27, 2021

“It’s too much to handle,” said another fan.

“I am speechless,” said another.

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“Hot as fire,” said another.

“OMG my heart!” another said. “I was NOT prepared! “

Another joked, “Damn girl! You don’t need this dress!

Amanda Holden has laid it all bare for PETA before (Credit: Splash News)

Amanda also undressed for PETA

Of course, this is not the first time that Amanda has revealed everything.

She has undressed for a PETA campaign in the past, urging people to become vegetarians.

This time she was writhing naked in cabbage leaves!

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