All About Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson as he splits from co-star Natalie J. Robb

Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson plays Dr. Liam Cavanagh in the soap opera, but what do we know about the actor?

Emmerdale: Who is Jonny McPherson?

Jonny is a 39-year-old actor who is best known for playing Dr. Liam in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale.

Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson: When did he join Emmerdale?

Jonny made his first appearance as Liam in January 2014.

Jonny has been in Emmerdale on and off since 2014 (ITV)

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The character would appear occasionally in the soap opera between 2014 and 2017.

However, he became a more regular character in 2018.

What else has Jonny McPherson been in?

Jonny has appeared in numerous short films including Night Owls, Rest Stop, Thus and Inhabit.

He also played Steve Smith in the drama ‘Til Death in 2014.

Does he live on a boat?

Yes Jonny lives on a boat. He recently spoke of his life as a boat on Lorraine, saying: “[You’ve got] everything you need.

“After living on it for about four years, I now feel like if I go to a normal house, ‘What are you going to do with all that space? There is so much !’

“It’s a seven foot wide boat, a traditional English narrow boat. So I can barely get my arms out!

“It has a cabin height of seven feet, so I can pretty much get on my tiptoes.

“You have a living room to watch TV or whatever, then you have a place to eat, a kitchen, and a bedroom. And that’s it and that’s all you need.

Is he still in a relationship with co-star Natalie J. Robb?

Last year it was rumored that Jonny was dating his co-star Natalie J. Robb, who plays Moira Dingle on the soap opera after they appeared to be in the same house during the zoom call of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Liam Fox during the lockdown.

Natalie later confirmed the news and revealed that the two started dating in January 2020.

Jonny was in a relationship with Natalie, who plays Moira (Photo credit: ITV)

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In March 2020, when the UK went into lockdown due to the coronavirus, Jonny stayed with Natalie.

However, according to recent reports in The Sun, the two ended their relationship a few months ago.

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