Alison Hammond reignites vaccine dispute as she says ‘let’s just live with the virus’

Alison Hammond reignited the vaccine dispute this morning (June 4) by saying, “Let’s just live with the virus.”

The Brummie star made the comments during a segment on overseas travel following changes to the government’s green list.

Speaking with Juilia Hartley-Brewer, Alison said: “So yeah, we just need to live with that really as far as I’m concerned.

“Let’s live with the virus, aren’t we Julia?” “

Alison Hammond was criticized on the show today for her take on COVID and the vaccine (ITV)

So what did This Morning viewers say about Alison’s comments?

Viewers this morning were less than impressed with the host’s comments, with one calling on the gallery’s producers to step in.

Yes @AlisonHammond thinks she can “live with the virus”, hope she never gets it #ignorant, ”one said.

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A viewer added: “She hasn’t had any vaccine but says we should just be living with the virus. Totally crazy.

“Yes Alison – you are living with the virus but you will not get the vaccine !!” slammed another.

“Alison ignoring him leaves. Yeah let’s live with Alison, you won’t even get a vaccine, ”said another.

“Let’s live with the virus, Alison. Until he kills a member of your family, ”said another.

They added, “Gallery, you have to step in here. I was just defending Alison, and then you aired this. Unbelievable.”

“Yes, Alison, you fear living with the virus in your unvaccinated state relying on the rest of us to get vaccinated to bring the numbers down,” said another.

“Who had the idea to put it on this platform? Another asked.

Alison “let’s live with the virus”. Who had the idea to put it on this platform? #this morning

– MB (@Doctor_Cr) June 4, 2021

So what did Alison Hammond say about the vaccine?

Speaking to a doctor on the show recently, Alison expressed fears about getting the shot.

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She said: “I myself am so worried about the vaccine because I really don’t want to have a blood clot.

“I talked about it all the time, I don’t want to have a blood clot.

“I don’t want to die because I really love this job and everything, it’s absolutely amazing,” she said.

It’s getting particularly cruel, this #ThisMorning

Asking Alison to ask about vaccination

I don’t particularly believe in God

And it’s like ITV made me perform Songs of Praise

– Old Edward ™ (@Shy_Teds) June 4, 2021

Did anyone agree with Alison’s point of view?

Some viewers took to Twitter to save Alison.

One of them said: “I could not agree more with the debate this morning.

“We have to learn to live with COVID and cannot spend our entire lives in lockdown. “

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